Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2014 Indoor Schedule

Jan 3/4    USU Indoor Clinics @ USU
Jan 11    USU Indoor Meet @ USU
Jan 17/18    BYU Indoor Meet @ BYU
Jan 24         Davis Distance Meet @ Olympic Ice Oval-- 400 meter up--Coach Perry
Jan 24/25    WSU Indoor Meet @ WSU--Sprint, Hurdle, Jump, Throw--
Feb 7/8    UHSTCA Championships @ Olympic Ice Oval--All Events---Perry on Friday night 400m up
Feb 13-15    Simplot Games @ Idaho State All Events-need to qualify.
Feb 22    Golden Sprint Challenge @ Olympic Ice Oval

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bonneville and Roy AT Skyview Wed August 28th

Bonneville and Roy @ Skyview

Wed, August 28th

Course adjustment is a 40 Sec subtraction

Conner Mantz SV 15:44.4
Andrew Penman Bonneville 16:45.7  
Kyler Olsen SV 17:18.7  
Tyson Compton SV 17:26.5  
Connor Compton SV 17:42.8  
Bailey White Bonneville 18:01.1  
Mathew Hansen Bonneville 18:14.3  
Corbin Kay Bonneville 18:14.7  
Ethan Field SV 18:16.7  
Brandon Wayment Bonneville 18:25.9  
Braiden Christensen SV 18:34.4  
Glen Scott SV 18:47.6  
Dylan Matlack Bonneville 18:50.0  
Josh Proulx Bonneville 18:54.4  
Stockton Grimaud SV 19:08.3  
Tyler Coy Bonneville 19:09.1  
Joshua Mott Bonneville 19:38.6  
Ben Willmore Roy 19:54.8  
Braden Smith Roy 19:55.2  
Casey Jefferies Bonneville 19:57.9  
Addison Weeks Bonneville 19:59.5  
Gideon Zentz Roy 20:02.9  
Jon Watts SV 20:07.3  
Alex Lyons SV 20:08.2  
Jansen Perry Bonneville 20:11.4  
Jared Sloan Roy 20:16.2  
Connrey Miller Roy 20:19.1  
Tyler Peterson SV 20:26.4  
Wynn Jorgensen SV 20:31.3  
Isaac Hansen Bonneville 20:31.8  
Alex Freer Bonneville 20:35.9  
DJ Mumbower Bonneville 20:36.6  
Jordan Thomas SV 20:45.9  
Jacob Tafunai Bonneville 20:46.4  
Dallin Peterson Bonneville 21:12.0  
Wes Barlow SV 21:12.2  
Noland Jensen Roy 21:17.4  
Jared Christensen Bonneville 21:22.5  
Andrew Penman Roy 21:23.0  
Dain Kern Bonneville 21:35.2  
Alex Reed SV 21:41.7  
Isaac Mohlman sv 21:41.9  
Jayden Peck SV 21:42.2  
Kadin Smith Roy 21:50.1  
Carson Cundick Bonneville 21:55.4  
Andrew Doyle SV 22:19.8  
Joe Palos Bonneville 22:26.0  
Tim Turgoose Bonneville 22:27.7  
Joseph Diaz SV 22:28.7  
Spencer Seedmiller Roy 22:32.2  
Zack Scott Bonneville 22:42.0  
John Sparks SV 22:51.5  
Tanner McCurdy SV 23:28.7  
Brooks Maughn SV 23:33.3  
McClain Rawlins SV 23:58.3  
Kennion Perkes SV 24:06.2  
Jesse Moore SV 24:08.1  
Riley Westergard Roy 24:25.7  
TC Mair Bonneville 24:39.8  
Jason Smith Roy 24:44.0  
Tanner Jackman SV 25:38.0  
Caleb Oar SV 25:53.6  
Parley Wiberg Roy 26:04.9  
Larz Larcom Roy 26:22.3  
Josh Barfuss SV 26:31.6  
Ben Mohlman SV 26:41.7  
Andy Creager Roy 27:08.0  
Jaden Hull SV 27:54.5  
Riley McCurdy SV 27:57.4  
Brandon George SV 28:33.8  
Taylor West SV 29:15.3  
? ? 30:13.6  


Sarah Layton Bonneville 20:58.2  
Rylee Cracroft Sky View 20:58.5  
Hannah Davies Bonneville 20:59.2  
Clara Mantz SV 21:03.2  
Lauren Rawlinson SV 21:12.8  
Katelyn Field SV 21:18.8  
Audrey Durrant SV 21:22.0  
Megan Sidwell Sv 21:57.7  
Naena Bland Sv 22:30.8  
Julia Perry Bonneville 22:55.3  
Amber Knight SV 23:02.5  
Alexis Jenkins SV 23:32.5  
Marianne Phelps SV 23:45.2  
Makayla Doyle SV 23:47.1  
Dina Storvik SV 23:59.3  
Haley Watts SV 24:03.5  
Tess Jolley SV 24:04.4  
Holly Johnson Bonneville 24:16.1  
Shiloah Kline SV 24:43.2  
Kim Palos Bonneville 24:58.0  
Darci Olson SV 25:12.9  
Nikayla Farner SV 25:32.3  
Mikayla Hargrove Bonneville 25:41.7  
Elda Phelps SV 25:50.1  
Christine Phelps Sv 26:03.6  
Merralee Young SV 26:10.4  
Madi Burton Bonneville 26:15.5  
Ciera White SV 26:42.3  
Sydney Sandburg SV 27:20.2  
Kami Bullock SV 27:22.3  
Rebecca Sellin Bonneville 27:34.9  
Annie Beckett Roy 27:48.9  
Kelci Westergard Roy 27:42.8  
Grace Decker Bonneville 27:50.5  
Hayley Johnson SV 28:10.2  
Savana Williams Roy 28:12.2  
Abby Richards SV 28:13.4  
Anna Sadler SV 28:54.8  
Morgan Vaderwall SV 28:56.0  
Olivia Perry Bonneville 29:00.7  
Bayli Goddridge SV 29:14.5  
Danella Bland SV 29:29.6  
Morgan Garner Roy 29:31.5  
Megan Mott Bonneville 29:49.5  
Rosa Ward Bonneville 29:54.9  
Jade Bowen Roy 29:56.8  
Shelby Steiner SV 31:36.6  
Hayli Gittins SV 31:36.9  
Jessica Fielding SV 31:39.8  
Harley Cragon SV 31:40.3  
Mickell Petty Sv 31:43.2  
Anna Dastrup Bonneville 32:49.1  
Cassie Woolston Roy 34:11.0  
Tanah Hislop Roy 34:11.3  
Emma McCurdy SV 36:04.8  
Jessica Rivera Roy 37:28:00  
Hannah Tueller Roy 37:29:00  


2013 BXC Results

2013 BXC Results

Highland Invitational-- Thursday, August 22nd  (Add 30 sec)
Bonneville and Roy at Skyview--Wednesday, Aug 28th (Subract 40 sec)
Murray Invitational--Friday, Sept 6th (no adjustment)
Logan @ Bonneville-Wednesday, Sept 11th

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Late Summer Email-Very Important!

Hello Parents and Lakers! 

Summer is too quickly coming to an end :( Below is some important info about different things coming up. 

Before getting down to business stuff, I just want to say that there has been some great stuff going on this summer. I am so very proud of so many of the BXC kids. Lots of early mornings, lots of miles, LOTS of hard work, lots of lessons being learned, but most importantly, lots of athletes starting to change as people in order to meet their goals and help our team continue to achieve great things. That is what I like the most, people changing and becoming more charactered! Running exposes us for the humans we really are and that can be a tough thing for some athletes to get used to. But, I LOVE seeing any athlete I coach going away from the experience having become a different person. Racing well is only an expression of this growth so I am sure that many of the Lakers will be able to show this through their races and that is exciting! It will be a great year of progress for our fairly young team :)

Firstly, I need parent volunteers for two events. 
  • Parents are needed to come and be around to help chaperone Rscape. Mostly I am looking for someone to help with the 11pm-3am shift and the 3am-7am shift. I just want to make sure I have an adult there at all times as I have a tough time staying the whole night awake making sure runners are ready to go for their leg. I need a parent for each shift. A parent for the girls team and a different parent for the boys team. 
  • Parents are also needed to help with serving food and meal cleanup at our BXC camp (see below for dates). The shifts are about 9-11 each day for breakfast and 12-2 each day for lunch. Most food is actually prepared the day before by the kids :) Please email my lovely assistant MICHELLE about being able to fill a slot. a minumum of 2 helpers are needed for each time period. Her email is

Second, I am REQUIRED to have a MANDATORY parents meeting. 
  • This meeting will be on Thursday, Aug 15th at 7pm at my house. 2052 Ryan circle. It is best if both parents attend as I do spend time discussing how to best support your athlete during the racing season that will set the groundwork for optimal racing. Other topics like the November trip to NXN-Southwest in Mesa, AZ will be addressed.

Finally, here are important dates and some info. Please mark your calendars! 

This Tues. Aug 6th: Key workout
  • Please help your runner by helping him/her to get to bed the night before.
  • This key workout (as well as many others in the past and future) is to be treated like a race in that each athlete should prepare the couple days before by eating, sleeping, hydrating and doing necessary body work in order to FEEL GOOD. Show up ready to THRIVE, not just survive.

This Friday, Aug.9th and Sat., Aug. 10th: Rscape
  • You must read the race manual!! It has all the info on setup, food, showers and etc.
  • Plan on showing up to the race site at 4pm, NO LATER than 4:30 in order to get everything set up before the relay starts.
  • Show up in clothes and shoes that you aren't going to run in. Bring 2 changes of RUNNING clothes and shower supplies.
  • Bring 2 servings of your own recovery drink, some of your own food and one thing to add to the group offering.
  • Sleep really well all week (9hours a night) to be fully rested! 

***There is no club practice on Friday Aug. 9th due to Rscape.***

Wednesday August 14th: Food prep for BXC camp. 1-4:30 @ my house
  • I will be asking members of the team to come help with food prep at my house. Lots of kids chopping, mixing, baking, talking, eating and having fun :)

Thursday Aug15th-Sat Aug 17th: Cross Country Camp
  • We meet 7:30am-4pm each day. 
  • I will send out the detailed schedule next week
  • Thursday morn will be a key workout at FT. Buenaventura at near race effort. 
  • The main office at South Jr. gave me permission to send a carload of kids over to pickup schedules and etc at any time during the day  before 4pm on Thursday as long as they are preregistered. They can take school pictures on Sept. 5th.
  • Since Sophmore reg is earlier in the week, I do expect all sophmores to be at camp during orientation. If you need to find out where your classes are, then please do that on registration day. 

Thursday Aug. 15th: MANDATORY parents meeting @ my house (2052 Ryan circle) @ 7pm
  • The athletic director said I HAVE to do this and you HAVe to come, but it really is a great idea anyway. 
  • If possible, I would love to have both parents in attendance. 
  • Parents only! 

Monday Aug 19th: Practice day before school starts
  • We will practice this day due to our first invitational being on Thursday of that week. 

Thursday Aug 22nd: Highland Invitational at Sugarhouse park at 4pm
  • All kids go home after school that gets out at 12:15
  • Please meet back at the school at 2pm to catch the bus
  • Bring $10 for dinner money on the way home
  • Exact Race schedule to be sent out later

Rest of season meet schedule can be found on Here is the exact link

Thanks a million! 
Coach Perry

Monday, July 29, 2013

Daily Practice Expectations

Daily Practice Expectations

Our team motto is "Chop Wood, Carry Water", therefore the daily commitment to the effort of self improvement is an important one. The following items are required attitudes and efforts to be given at each practice. If an athlete chooses not to uphold the expectations and fails to communicate with the coach about problems that may arise, then the coach has the right to not race the athlete in meets or dismiss him/her from the team entirely.

  • Be on time to practice. During Cross Country, practice starts at 2:50
  • Be current enough on school assignments, tests and quizzes to not have to rely on making things up after school and then be late to practice. Seriously, most work can be done during school hours or at home. 
  • It is understandable on a RARE occasion to take care of school work after school, however ALWAYS plan to do this on an easy day when running on your own is not a big deal should you be late.
  • There is a maximum of 3 unexcused absences allowed during the season. Team dismissal is the result of being absent more than this.
  • Most absences are unexcused accept for illness, family emergency or wedding/funeral.
  • COMMUNICATE excused absences to the coach ahead of time when possible and be willing to do a hard workout on your own if you need to get it done a day earlier or later than normal. 
  • Show up to practice prepared to do the work necessary that day and ready to stay for the duration of the practice. 
  • Being prepared for practice means sleeping a MINIMUM of 8 hours a night, eating 3 meals before the afternoon sessions, hydrating properly and leaving outside stressors at the door. 
  • Show up to a Key Workout with a positive mental outlook. Be ready to give the workout a solid effort. Be ready to challenge yourself in a healthy way. 
  • If an athlete has missed 2 key workouts in a row or has shown a poor attitude, then the coach has the right to pull the athlete from the upcoming meet. 
  • COMMUNICATE with the coach if something is going physically wrong during any practice session. 
  • Show respect for each coach by honoring their judgement calls and listening while one of them is speaking to the team. If this item becomes a problem, then the athlete will be dismissed from practice and eventually the team. 
Cross Country is an awesome sport that allows each runner a chance to develop. All levels of ability and experience are encouraged and welcome to participate on the team. Since there are no cuts that are made, please be sensitive to the above daily workout requirements. Every athlete is a joy to have around when they are committed to being a contributing member of the team environment. Unless there is a violation of one of the above expectations or any behavior is exhibited inside or outside of practice that damages the unity of the team, then all athletes are welcome to come "chop wood, carry water" with us everyday. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of School year--Summer email

Hi All!

I'm so very excited to see everyone come together this summer! This is going the lay the foundation for a great cross country and track season for the coming year. You guys and girls are awesome and will be able to develop yourself into even more of an athlete over the next 3 months. Racing season comes fast, so lets get this going! Wohooo!! :)

Here some reminders and tips before memorial day arrives:

Training Calendar
Time to get ready for summer running! I have attached the summer training calendar for those of you who don't have it or may have already misplaced it. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE MILEAGE LISTED IS FOR VETERAN VARSITY ATHLETES (Girl varsity just subtract 1 mile per weekday and 2 on Saturdays). For those of you that are in the first 6 months of running and/or do sprint events do not need to feel pressured to run these miles. But do record every mile you run no matter what grade, ability or event you do.  All miles need to be reported each week. Let see how many thousands of mile we can run as a team!! The more we run the better we will be :)

500 mile club and varsity miles
Memorial day is the day to start your summer mileage quest!!  If you are serious about improving your performance to a varsity level then you should be shooting for the weekly mileage on the calendar. That's 50-55 mile average per week for boys  and 40-45 miles per week for girls. Remember that first week is on your own and that when you travel, you will need to make arrangments to get as many runs done as is absolutely possible. The goal is no Zero miles days, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO RUNNING GREATNESS!! If you just have to miss, then make sure that you are doing your longer runs on the days that week that you are running. 
Extending the life of a running shoe
Shoes wear out fast when you run some serious daily miles. At 300-500 miles per pair, that may only be 2-3 months for some of you. If you want to get a little more out of a pair you have that isn't quite worn out, then designate them as your trail pair! You will still need to buy new ones right away, but It's nice to be able to get another month out of older shoes when they are worn only on trails. Also, when you get new shoes, you can wear them only on the street/track which will keep them nice and clean too. The life of the new shoe will also be prolonged since you are letting them "rest" while using your trail pair on other days.  Rotating shoes is a great way to extend shoe life! REMEMBER THAT I HAVE LOTS OF SHOES IN MY GARAGE THAT I SELL TO BXC KIDS FOR CHEAP. PLEASE CHECK THERE FIRST TO SEE IF I HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU. If I don't then try Striders or Peak Performance. 

What to bring to practice everyday (first day is Monday, June 3rd)
Bring a watch, shoes, and recovery drink.  A watch is the ball of our sport. Always have one! Also, a recovery drink is not water!! It is wise to buy something like a can of powdered Gatorade at Walmart or Costco(it comes and goes) for $10. Just throw some scoops in your bottle (enough to equal half your bodyweight in carbs..120 lbs person needs 60 grams postworkout carbs) and THEN fill with water.  Remember that I always have Endurox at the house too. 

BXC Blog and communication
You can also subscribe to this blog by entering your email into the sidebar. Also, make sure to let me know if a spouse or child needs to be added to (or taken off) any of our communication lists whether its email or cell phone. 

Coach Debbie Perry

Coaches Contact Information

Debbie Perry
Head Cross Country Coach
Co- Head Track and Field Coach-- Distance--400,800,1600,3200

Guy Perry
Asst. Cross Country Coach
Asst. Track and Field Coach--Distance and Hurdles

Michelle Sorenson
Asst. Cross Country Coach
Asst Track and Field Coach--Distance

Ken Perkins
Co-Head Track and Field Coach-- Sprints--100,200

Shaun Wilson
Asst Track and Field Coach--Throws

Skylar Kendall
Asst Track and Field Coach--Jumps

Brian Simmons
Asst. Cross Country Coach
Boys Head Track Coach at South Jr. High

Abe Weeks 800 meter State Championship-2012


2012 State Track Championships 4X400

2012 State Championships 4 X 400

Salt Lake Tribune 2012 State Track Meet Highlight (shows Abe's 800 Finish)

Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 State Track Meet Rules and Schedule

2013 State Meet Rules and Schedule

The Schedule is listed on page 7 of this document.
Please be aware of UHSAA rules in the couple pages before

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 Cross Country Race Schedule

2013 Cross Country Race Schedule 

Thursday, August 22nd  @ 4pm (bus @ 2)
  • ·      Highland Invitational @ Sugarhouse Park

Wednesday, August 28th @ 3:30pm (bus @ 1:30) 
  • ·      Bonneville, Roy @ Sky View High

Friday, September 6th @ 3pm (bus at 1)
  • ·      Murray Invitational@ Murray Park

Wednesday, Sept 11th @ 3:30pm- (bus @ 2)
  • ·      Logan @ Bonneville-Ft. Buenaventura

Wednesday, Sept 18th @ 3:30pm-(JV only) (bus @1:30)
  • ·      Bonneville @ Mountain Crest 

Friday, September 20th @ 3:30pm (Varsity Only)
  • ·      Roy Invitational @ Roy High

Wednesday, September 25th @3 pm (bus @1:15)
  • ·      City County Invitational @ Weber County Fairgrounds

Wednesday, October 2nd @ 3:30pm (bus @ 1:30) 
  • ·      Bonneville, Ogden @ Box Elder

Wednesday.October 9th@3:30 (bus at 2:15)

  •     Skyview@Bonn
Wednesday October 16th @ 3pm (bus @ 1)
  • ·      Region Championships @ Weber County Fairgrounds

Wednesday October 23rd @ ~2pm (bus at 12)
  • ·      4A State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park in SLC

Tues, November 12nd @ 3:30
  • ·      Pre NXN Southwest Race @ Layton Park

Saturday, November 23rd @ 8am
  • ·      NXN Southwest Region Race @ Toka Sticks Golf Course,Mesa, AZ

Important Cross Country Paperwork

Important Cross Country Paperwork

BXC Mission Statement

BXC Daily Practice Expectations

2013 Varsity Letter Requirements

2013 Summer Training Schedule

2013 Cross Country Team Fees and Off-Season Expenses

Disclosure Statement

Cross Country Disclosures-Signature

Bonneville Cross Country Disclosures--signatures

I _______________________________________ have read all of the Bonneville Cross Country Disclosure handouts that includes the Daily Practice Expectations,Varsity Letter Requirements, Fees and Mission Statement page.  I understand and agree to the expectations set forth in these documents. I most especially commit to taking up the journey to becoming an athlete and through racing, expressing to the world the best performance I have to give this season.

__________________________________________                        ________________
Athlete signature                                                                                              Date

___________________________________________                        ________________
Parent signature                                                                                                 Date

BXC Mission Statement

Bonneville High Distance Program Mission Statement
To provide an emotionally positive, safe and unconditionally caring environment that will provide athletes with the all the knowledge, training principles and mental tools necessary to achieve optimal human performance not only on the field of competition but in their personal lives as well.

What Coaches give to the athletes.         What Athletes give to the Coach /Team
Respect                                                 Respect
Communication                                     Communication
Unconditional Support                           Trust/Faith
Science of the Sport                               Hard work
Art of the Sport                                      Listen to YOUR body
Mental tools                                           Sky is the limit attitude                 
Fun experiences                                     Have fun

 “Racing does not strengthen character, it only reveals it.” Dr. Cory Holly

“As George Leonard, an Aikido Sensei, writes in the book Mastery, the deepest satisfaction we can get from chasing a goal is to wire ourselves into the daily rituals of practicing our chosen activity and focusing on the quality of the process.  When the discipline itself becomes the reason we do something, then how we do in key events, like races or competitions, no longer dictate the enjoyment of what we do……Regardless of the result, whether we come in last or get our picture on Wheaties box, Leonard says the true master acknowledges the performance with humble dignity, then goes back to the daily practice of the sport. “chop wood and carry water,” he writes, which is the martial arts way of putting it.  If you win, chop wood and carry water.  If you lose, chop wood and carry water.”  T.J. Murphy  editor of Triathlete Magazine

Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Cross Country Varsity Letter Requirements

Bonneville High Cross Country 2013
Varsity Letter Requirements
·      Complete the entire season in good standing.
·      Show good sportsmanship at all meets and practices.
·      Maintain good grades, attendance, and citizenship in every class.
·      Earn a total of 100 or more points from the index below.

Summer Running
·      1 point for each day of running 3+ miles between May 27th and August 3rd..
·      Mileage must be written on calendar and reported weekly!
·      Running while on vacation or on your own WILL count if logged. 
·      If you come to practice each time, starting June 4th, you have a chance to earn 38 points. That’s 4 days a week of running for 9 weeks.
·      There is a maximum of 60 points available between May 27h and Aug 3rd.

500/1000 Mile Club
·      Run 500/1000 miles between May 27th- Oct 23rd  (21.5 weeks)
·      Varsity status not required. Open to everyone!
·      Must keep track of miles (team calendar and/or garmin website) and report weekly
·      You will earn a gold “500”/ “1000” pin
·      2 opportunities a year to earn.
·      500 mile club is worth 25 points but must be earned by the STATE meet.
·      If dishonesty is suspected and verified, then no miles will be accepted for the pin or varsity letter points.

Meet Performance
·      Top 14 earn points in reverse. 1st man in gets 14 points, 14th man in gets 1 point.
·      Dual meets are worth full value. City County and Invitationals are worth 1.5 the value.  Region and State are worth 2 times the value.
·      An overall win is worth 10,15,20 additional points respectively
·      2nd-5th overall is 7.5,12.5,17.5 additional points.
·      6th-10th overall is 5,7.5,10 additional points (10th-20th in a big invite is 5 points)
·      In dual meets, finishing in front of opponents top 5 is 5 points.

2 Stages of Post Run Recovery

Post Run Recovery
Your post run recovery habit is the first and most important nutrition habit to establish! After a typical hour run you have drained:
  • About 100-175 grams of carbohydrate from your muscle tissue 
  • crushed red blood cells from the force of impact 
  • torn muscle fibers and connective tissues 
  • caused inflammation 
  • lost key minerals from sweating 
  • started a chain reaction of unstable atoms called free radicals (worse than normal because you are breathing in 20 times more oxygen than the normal sedentary person.)*   
Whew! That’s a lot to get recovered from!

The two most important macronutrients at this point are carbohydrate and protein. The carbohydrate will help resupply the muscle tissue with fuel, while the protein will help repair the torn tissues and blood cells. There are also a whole spectrum of antioxidant vitamins that have got to be replaced to fight of excessive oxidation and electrolyte minerals to replace what has been lost in sweat. So, how are you going to get all these needs met? There are two easy stages of recovery eating to understand and do.

This stage only lasts about 30 minutes long. It is when your muscle tissues are wide open and ready to receive a lot of carbohydrate. In order to reach the muscle tissue as quickly as possible it is best eat your carbs as a drink at this point so they absorb very quickly. You will also need protein, vitamins and minerals so some drinks work much better than others at getting the job done. The first goal with the drink is to take in half of your bodyweight in grams of carbohydrate. Read those labels! Drink as much as you need.  Purchasing a drink like Endurox is the easiest and best option at this point. Or, you can use 16 oz of real juices, 32 oz bottles of Gatorade or any other carb recovery drink in liquid or powder form. All of these 3 choices will require some protein added though.

This stage lasts about as long as the workout was. So an hour workout has an hour long stage 2.  The point of this part of the recovery process is to eat real, whole food.  You need protein, carbs and fats. Lots of lean protein and produce at this time is a great idea. But, in order to reach your carbohydrate need, you will need more than just fruit.  You will need to eat ANOTHER serving of half your bodyweight in carbs. That will be a bit easier if you eat, not only fruit or potatoes, but whole grains as well.

Cost per “serving”
$1.39/52 grams/2 scoops
$.95/66 grams/3 scoops
Powerbar Recovery
$1.10/60 grams/3 scoops
$.50/56grams/4 scoops
Carb,some electro
100% Juice

Carb, vit, potassium

*Although oxygen is necessary for survival, breathing in oxygen also produces ‘oxidative stress’ in our bodies which leads to the to formation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation. Sadly, exercise just makes this worse since you are breathing in more air. These free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that are short one electron.  Being short one electron causes the atom to be unstable, so it seeks out and steals another electron from another atom, usually oxygen. This then causes a chain reaction as the victim of the stealing then needs to be stabilized and steals from yet another atom.  The problem here is that once an atom has lost the original electron, the new one gained does not provide as strong or stable of an atom as the original.  The problem that free radicals cause is system wide. They can attack the walls of your muscle cells and mitochondria and are at least partially to blame for muscle inflammation and soreness, which contributes to reduced endurance.24 Internal oxidation is also a cause of other serious problems including cancers, diseases and heart problems.25

24 Burke Edmund Phd Optimal Muscle Recovery Garden City Park, NY Avery Publishing 1999 Pg 40
25 Colgan ,M Phd The New Nutrition Vancouver BC apple publishing company LTD 1995 CH 20