Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of School year--Summer email

Hi All!

I'm so very excited to see everyone come together this summer! This is going the lay the foundation for a great cross country and track season for the coming year. You guys and girls are awesome and will be able to develop yourself into even more of an athlete over the next 3 months. Racing season comes fast, so lets get this going! Wohooo!! :)

Here some reminders and tips before memorial day arrives:

Training Calendar
Time to get ready for summer running! I have attached the summer training calendar for those of you who don't have it or may have already misplaced it. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE MILEAGE LISTED IS FOR VETERAN VARSITY ATHLETES (Girl varsity just subtract 1 mile per weekday and 2 on Saturdays). For those of you that are in the first 6 months of running and/or do sprint events do not need to feel pressured to run these miles. But do record every mile you run no matter what grade, ability or event you do.  All miles need to be reported each week. Let see how many thousands of mile we can run as a team!! The more we run the better we will be :)

500 mile club and varsity miles
Memorial day is the day to start your summer mileage quest!!  If you are serious about improving your performance to a varsity level then you should be shooting for the weekly mileage on the calendar. That's 50-55 mile average per week for boys  and 40-45 miles per week for girls. Remember that first week is on your own and that when you travel, you will need to make arrangments to get as many runs done as is absolutely possible. The goal is no Zero miles days, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO RUNNING GREATNESS!! If you just have to miss, then make sure that you are doing your longer runs on the days that week that you are running. 
Extending the life of a running shoe
Shoes wear out fast when you run some serious daily miles. At 300-500 miles per pair, that may only be 2-3 months for some of you. If you want to get a little more out of a pair you have that isn't quite worn out, then designate them as your trail pair! You will still need to buy new ones right away, but It's nice to be able to get another month out of older shoes when they are worn only on trails. Also, when you get new shoes, you can wear them only on the street/track which will keep them nice and clean too. The life of the new shoe will also be prolonged since you are letting them "rest" while using your trail pair on other days.  Rotating shoes is a great way to extend shoe life! REMEMBER THAT I HAVE LOTS OF SHOES IN MY GARAGE THAT I SELL TO BXC KIDS FOR CHEAP. PLEASE CHECK THERE FIRST TO SEE IF I HAVE SOMETHING THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU. If I don't then try Striders or Peak Performance. 

What to bring to practice everyday (first day is Monday, June 3rd)
Bring a watch, shoes, and recovery drink.  A watch is the ball of our sport. Always have one! Also, a recovery drink is not water!! It is wise to buy something like a can of powdered Gatorade at Walmart or Costco(it comes and goes) for $10. Just throw some scoops in your bottle (enough to equal half your bodyweight in carbs..120 lbs person needs 60 grams postworkout carbs) and THEN fill with water.  Remember that I always have Endurox at the house too. 

BXC Blog and communication
You can also subscribe to this blog by entering your email into the sidebar. Also, make sure to let me know if a spouse or child needs to be added to (or taken off) any of our communication lists whether its email or cell phone. 

Coach Debbie Perry

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