Monday, July 29, 2013

Daily Practice Expectations

Daily Practice Expectations

Our team motto is "Chop Wood, Carry Water", therefore the daily commitment to the effort of self improvement is an important one. The following items are required attitudes and efforts to be given at each practice. If an athlete chooses not to uphold the expectations and fails to communicate with the coach about problems that may arise, then the coach has the right to not race the athlete in meets or dismiss him/her from the team entirely.

  • Be on time to practice. During Cross Country, practice starts at 2:50
  • Be current enough on school assignments, tests and quizzes to not have to rely on making things up after school and then be late to practice. Seriously, most work can be done during school hours or at home. 
  • It is understandable on a RARE occasion to take care of school work after school, however ALWAYS plan to do this on an easy day when running on your own is not a big deal should you be late.
  • There is a maximum of 3 unexcused absences allowed during the season. Team dismissal is the result of being absent more than this.
  • Most absences are unexcused accept for illness, family emergency or wedding/funeral.
  • COMMUNICATE excused absences to the coach ahead of time when possible and be willing to do a hard workout on your own if you need to get it done a day earlier or later than normal. 
  • Show up to practice prepared to do the work necessary that day and ready to stay for the duration of the practice. 
  • Being prepared for practice means sleeping a MINIMUM of 8 hours a night, eating 3 meals before the afternoon sessions, hydrating properly and leaving outside stressors at the door. 
  • Show up to a Key Workout with a positive mental outlook. Be ready to give the workout a solid effort. Be ready to challenge yourself in a healthy way. 
  • If an athlete has missed 2 key workouts in a row or has shown a poor attitude, then the coach has the right to pull the athlete from the upcoming meet. 
  • COMMUNICATE with the coach if something is going physically wrong during any practice session. 
  • Show respect for each coach by honoring their judgement calls and listening while one of them is speaking to the team. If this item becomes a problem, then the athlete will be dismissed from practice and eventually the team. 
Cross Country is an awesome sport that allows each runner a chance to develop. All levels of ability and experience are encouraged and welcome to participate on the team. Since there are no cuts that are made, please be sensitive to the above daily workout requirements. Every athlete is a joy to have around when they are committed to being a contributing member of the team environment. Unless there is a violation of one of the above expectations or any behavior is exhibited inside or outside of practice that damages the unity of the team, then all athletes are welcome to come "chop wood, carry water" with us everyday. 

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