Saturday, August 3, 2013

Late Summer Email-Very Important!

Hello Parents and Lakers! 

Summer is too quickly coming to an end :( Below is some important info about different things coming up. 

Before getting down to business stuff, I just want to say that there has been some great stuff going on this summer. I am so very proud of so many of the BXC kids. Lots of early mornings, lots of miles, LOTS of hard work, lots of lessons being learned, but most importantly, lots of athletes starting to change as people in order to meet their goals and help our team continue to achieve great things. That is what I like the most, people changing and becoming more charactered! Running exposes us for the humans we really are and that can be a tough thing for some athletes to get used to. But, I LOVE seeing any athlete I coach going away from the experience having become a different person. Racing well is only an expression of this growth so I am sure that many of the Lakers will be able to show this through their races and that is exciting! It will be a great year of progress for our fairly young team :)

Firstly, I need parent volunteers for two events. 
  • Parents are needed to come and be around to help chaperone Rscape. Mostly I am looking for someone to help with the 11pm-3am shift and the 3am-7am shift. I just want to make sure I have an adult there at all times as I have a tough time staying the whole night awake making sure runners are ready to go for their leg. I need a parent for each shift. A parent for the girls team and a different parent for the boys team. 
  • Parents are also needed to help with serving food and meal cleanup at our BXC camp (see below for dates). The shifts are about 9-11 each day for breakfast and 12-2 each day for lunch. Most food is actually prepared the day before by the kids :) Please email my lovely assistant MICHELLE about being able to fill a slot. a minumum of 2 helpers are needed for each time period. Her email is

Second, I am REQUIRED to have a MANDATORY parents meeting. 
  • This meeting will be on Thursday, Aug 15th at 7pm at my house. 2052 Ryan circle. It is best if both parents attend as I do spend time discussing how to best support your athlete during the racing season that will set the groundwork for optimal racing. Other topics like the November trip to NXN-Southwest in Mesa, AZ will be addressed.

Finally, here are important dates and some info. Please mark your calendars! 

This Tues. Aug 6th: Key workout
  • Please help your runner by helping him/her to get to bed the night before.
  • This key workout (as well as many others in the past and future) is to be treated like a race in that each athlete should prepare the couple days before by eating, sleeping, hydrating and doing necessary body work in order to FEEL GOOD. Show up ready to THRIVE, not just survive.

This Friday, Aug.9th and Sat., Aug. 10th: Rscape
  • You must read the race manual!! It has all the info on setup, food, showers and etc.
  • Plan on showing up to the race site at 4pm, NO LATER than 4:30 in order to get everything set up before the relay starts.
  • Show up in clothes and shoes that you aren't going to run in. Bring 2 changes of RUNNING clothes and shower supplies.
  • Bring 2 servings of your own recovery drink, some of your own food and one thing to add to the group offering.
  • Sleep really well all week (9hours a night) to be fully rested! 

***There is no club practice on Friday Aug. 9th due to Rscape.***

Wednesday August 14th: Food prep for BXC camp. 1-4:30 @ my house
  • I will be asking members of the team to come help with food prep at my house. Lots of kids chopping, mixing, baking, talking, eating and having fun :)

Thursday Aug15th-Sat Aug 17th: Cross Country Camp
  • We meet 7:30am-4pm each day. 
  • I will send out the detailed schedule next week
  • Thursday morn will be a key workout at FT. Buenaventura at near race effort. 
  • The main office at South Jr. gave me permission to send a carload of kids over to pickup schedules and etc at any time during the day  before 4pm on Thursday as long as they are preregistered. They can take school pictures on Sept. 5th.
  • Since Sophmore reg is earlier in the week, I do expect all sophmores to be at camp during orientation. If you need to find out where your classes are, then please do that on registration day. 

Thursday Aug. 15th: MANDATORY parents meeting @ my house (2052 Ryan circle) @ 7pm
  • The athletic director said I HAVE to do this and you HAVe to come, but it really is a great idea anyway. 
  • If possible, I would love to have both parents in attendance. 
  • Parents only! 

Monday Aug 19th: Practice day before school starts
  • We will practice this day due to our first invitational being on Thursday of that week. 

Thursday Aug 22nd: Highland Invitational at Sugarhouse park at 4pm
  • All kids go home after school that gets out at 12:15
  • Please meet back at the school at 2pm to catch the bus
  • Bring $10 for dinner money on the way home
  • Exact Race schedule to be sent out later

Rest of season meet schedule can be found on Here is the exact link

Thanks a million! 
Coach Perry