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2013 Cross Country Race Schedule

2013 Cross Country Race Schedule 

Thursday, August 22nd  @ 4pm (bus @ 2)
  • ·      Highland Invitational @ Sugarhouse Park

Wednesday, August 28th @ 3:30pm (bus @ 1:30) 
  • ·      Bonneville, Roy @ Sky View High

Friday, September 6th @ 3pm (bus at 1)
  • ·      Murray Invitational@ Murray Park

Wednesday, Sept 11th @ 3:30pm- (bus @ 2)
  • ·      Logan @ Bonneville-Ft. Buenaventura

Wednesday, Sept 18th @ 3:30pm-(JV only) (bus @1:30)
  • ·      Bonneville @ Mountain Crest 

Friday, September 20th @ 3:30pm (Varsity Only)
  • ·      Roy Invitational @ Roy High

Wednesday, September 25th @3 pm (bus @1:15)
  • ·      City County Invitational @ Weber County Fairgrounds

Wednesday, October 2nd @ 3:30pm (bus @ 1:30) 
  • ·      Bonneville, Ogden @ Box Elder

Wednesday.October 9th@3:30 (bus at 2:15)

  •     Skyview@Bonn
Wednesday October 16th @ 3pm (bus @ 1)
  • ·      Region Championships @ Weber County Fairgrounds

Wednesday October 23rd @ ~2pm (bus at 12)
  • ·      4A State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park in SLC

Tues, November 12nd @ 3:30
  • ·      Pre NXN Southwest Race @ Layton Park

Saturday, November 23rd @ 8am
  • ·      NXN Southwest Region Race @ Toka Sticks Golf Course,Mesa, AZ

Important Cross Country Paperwork

Important Cross Country Paperwork

BXC Mission Statement

BXC Daily Practice Expectations

2013 Varsity Letter Requirements

2013 Summer Training Schedule

2013 Cross Country Team Fees and Off-Season Expenses

Disclosure Statement

Cross Country Disclosures-Signature

Bonneville Cross Country Disclosures--signatures

I _______________________________________ have read all of the Bonneville Cross Country Disclosure handouts that includes the Daily Practice Expectations,Varsity Letter Requirements, Fees and Mission Statement page.  I understand and agree to the expectations set forth in these documents. I most especially commit to taking up the journey to becoming an athlete and through racing, expressing to the world the best performance I have to give this season.

__________________________________________                        ________________
Athlete signature                                                                                              Date

___________________________________________                        ________________
Parent signature                                                                                                 Date

BXC Mission Statement

Bonneville High Distance Program Mission Statement
To provide an emotionally positive, safe and unconditionally caring environment that will provide athletes with the all the knowledge, training principles and mental tools necessary to achieve optimal human performance not only on the field of competition but in their personal lives as well.

What Coaches give to the athletes.         What Athletes give to the Coach /Team
Respect                                                 Respect
Communication                                     Communication
Unconditional Support                           Trust/Faith
Science of the Sport                               Hard work
Art of the Sport                                      Listen to YOUR body
Mental tools                                           Sky is the limit attitude                 
Fun experiences                                     Have fun

 “Racing does not strengthen character, it only reveals it.” Dr. Cory Holly

“As George Leonard, an Aikido Sensei, writes in the book Mastery, the deepest satisfaction we can get from chasing a goal is to wire ourselves into the daily rituals of practicing our chosen activity and focusing on the quality of the process.  When the discipline itself becomes the reason we do something, then how we do in key events, like races or competitions, no longer dictate the enjoyment of what we do……Regardless of the result, whether we come in last or get our picture on Wheaties box, Leonard says the true master acknowledges the performance with humble dignity, then goes back to the daily practice of the sport. “chop wood and carry water,” he writes, which is the martial arts way of putting it.  If you win, chop wood and carry water.  If you lose, chop wood and carry water.”  T.J. Murphy  editor of Triathlete Magazine

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2013 Cross Country Varsity Letter Requirements

Bonneville High Cross Country 2013
Varsity Letter Requirements
·      Complete the entire season in good standing.
·      Show good sportsmanship at all meets and practices.
·      Maintain good grades, attendance, and citizenship in every class.
·      Earn a total of 100 or more points from the index below.

Summer Running
·      1 point for each day of running 3+ miles between May 27th and August 3rd..
·      Mileage must be written on calendar and reported weekly!
·      Running while on vacation or on your own WILL count if logged. 
·      If you come to practice each time, starting June 4th, you have a chance to earn 38 points. That’s 4 days a week of running for 9 weeks.
·      There is a maximum of 60 points available between May 27h and Aug 3rd.

500/1000 Mile Club
·      Run 500/1000 miles between May 27th- Oct 23rd  (21.5 weeks)
·      Varsity status not required. Open to everyone!
·      Must keep track of miles (team calendar and/or garmin website) and report weekly
·      You will earn a gold “500”/ “1000” pin
·      2 opportunities a year to earn.
·      500 mile club is worth 25 points but must be earned by the STATE meet.
·      If dishonesty is suspected and verified, then no miles will be accepted for the pin or varsity letter points.

Meet Performance
·      Top 14 earn points in reverse. 1st man in gets 14 points, 14th man in gets 1 point.
·      Dual meets are worth full value. City County and Invitationals are worth 1.5 the value.  Region and State are worth 2 times the value.
·      An overall win is worth 10,15,20 additional points respectively
·      2nd-5th overall is 7.5,12.5,17.5 additional points.
·      6th-10th overall is 5,7.5,10 additional points (10th-20th in a big invite is 5 points)
·      In dual meets, finishing in front of opponents top 5 is 5 points.

2 Stages of Post Run Recovery

Post Run Recovery
Your post run recovery habit is the first and most important nutrition habit to establish! After a typical hour run you have drained:
  • About 100-175 grams of carbohydrate from your muscle tissue 
  • crushed red blood cells from the force of impact 
  • torn muscle fibers and connective tissues 
  • caused inflammation 
  • lost key minerals from sweating 
  • started a chain reaction of unstable atoms called free radicals (worse than normal because you are breathing in 20 times more oxygen than the normal sedentary person.)*   
Whew! That’s a lot to get recovered from!

The two most important macronutrients at this point are carbohydrate and protein. The carbohydrate will help resupply the muscle tissue with fuel, while the protein will help repair the torn tissues and blood cells. There are also a whole spectrum of antioxidant vitamins that have got to be replaced to fight of excessive oxidation and electrolyte minerals to replace what has been lost in sweat. So, how are you going to get all these needs met? There are two easy stages of recovery eating to understand and do.

This stage only lasts about 30 minutes long. It is when your muscle tissues are wide open and ready to receive a lot of carbohydrate. In order to reach the muscle tissue as quickly as possible it is best eat your carbs as a drink at this point so they absorb very quickly. You will also need protein, vitamins and minerals so some drinks work much better than others at getting the job done. The first goal with the drink is to take in half of your bodyweight in grams of carbohydrate. Read those labels! Drink as much as you need.  Purchasing a drink like Endurox is the easiest and best option at this point. Or, you can use 16 oz of real juices, 32 oz bottles of Gatorade or any other carb recovery drink in liquid or powder form. All of these 3 choices will require some protein added though.

This stage lasts about as long as the workout was. So an hour workout has an hour long stage 2.  The point of this part of the recovery process is to eat real, whole food.  You need protein, carbs and fats. Lots of lean protein and produce at this time is a great idea. But, in order to reach your carbohydrate need, you will need more than just fruit.  You will need to eat ANOTHER serving of half your bodyweight in carbs. That will be a bit easier if you eat, not only fruit or potatoes, but whole grains as well.

Cost per “serving”
$1.39/52 grams/2 scoops
$.95/66 grams/3 scoops
Powerbar Recovery
$1.10/60 grams/3 scoops
$.50/56grams/4 scoops
Carb,some electro
100% Juice

Carb, vit, potassium

*Although oxygen is necessary for survival, breathing in oxygen also produces ‘oxidative stress’ in our bodies which leads to the to formation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation. Sadly, exercise just makes this worse since you are breathing in more air. These free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that are short one electron.  Being short one electron causes the atom to be unstable, so it seeks out and steals another electron from another atom, usually oxygen. This then causes a chain reaction as the victim of the stealing then needs to be stabilized and steals from yet another atom.  The problem here is that once an atom has lost the original electron, the new one gained does not provide as strong or stable of an atom as the original.  The problem that free radicals cause is system wide. They can attack the walls of your muscle cells and mitochondria and are at least partially to blame for muscle inflammation and soreness, which contributes to reduced endurance.24 Internal oxidation is also a cause of other serious problems including cancers, diseases and heart problems.25

24 Burke Edmund Phd Optimal Muscle Recovery Garden City Park, NY Avery Publishing 1999 Pg 40
25 Colgan ,M Phd The New Nutrition Vancouver BC apple publishing company LTD 1995 CH 20

Men's Track and Field School Records

Men’s Track & Field School Records
Bonneville High School

Event   Time/Distance Name  Year

100m Dash         10.75                Brett Cooper      1999

110m Hurdles     14.91                Steve Pierce       1988

200m Dash          21.99                Mike DeGroot  1990

300 IM Hurdles   39.60                Lynn Cash        1982

400m Dash          48.24                Josh Peterson    2010

800m Run           1:56.39             Brian Jasper      2013

1600m Run         4:22.24             Brian Jasper       2013

3200m Run         9.40.83             Cade Perry        2013

4x100m RELAY 42.91               Jesse Taylor         2005
                                                     Jake Ashford
                                                     Devin Holbrook
                                                     Aric Hutchinson

Medley RELAY    3:36.00          Steve McBride      1978
                                                     Marvin Ellis
                                                     Rick Lucas
                                                     Gary Burnett

4x400m RELAY    3:21.80          Jace Tensmeyer    2009
                                                      Joel Daily
                                                      Nathaniel Ford
                                                     Josh Peterson

High Jump               7’ 0”             Sic Moore              1983

Long Jump               23’ 6.5”       Kevin Moore          1972

Shot Put                   62’ 5.25”      Chad Law              1985

Discus                     176’ 10”        Chad Law             1985

Javelin                     196’ 6”         Brett Cooper          1998

Pole Vault               13’ 6”           Riley Beckstead      1978

Cross Country Team Fees and Off-Season Expenses

Cross Country Fees

Tee shirts ordered by August 1st
Paid by August 5th to BHS Bookkeeper

  • District Fee $85
  • Team Tee shirt $15
  • Cross Country Camp $25 
  • New Nike Custom Uniform $50 (yours to keep)
  • Optional Cowbell and/or car sticker $5 each 

The Following expenses are for the optional post season race,clothing and strength training

Nike SW Regional (Nov 14-17)Expenses

$50 deposit by Sept 15th. Paid in full by Oct 15th (non refundable)

  • Bus, hotel (breakfast included), race fee(comes with cool piece of clothing) and 1-2 dinners $250
  • Bring Cash for Lunches and 1-2 dinners $50
  • Optional Nike Race shirts ~$30
  • NY NY Roller coaster ~$15

Nike Winter Clothing Set

Orders taken by Oct 1st. Paid for and delivered by Thanksgiving
  • Nike men's set (long sleeve-T, Winter 1/4 zip shirt, Pant) $ 100
  • Nike Women's set (long sleeve-T, Full zip Jacket, Pant) $110
  • Nike Women's run capri $25

Bomber Athlete

  • Strongly recommended strength program
  • Nov-Feb
  • $60/month

Women's Track and Field School Records

Women’s Track & Field School Records
Bonneville High School

Event            Time/Distance        Name              Year

100m Dash         12.36             Ally Dean             2006

100m Hurdles     14.69             Ally Dean            2006

200m Dash         25.13              Ally Dean            2006

300m IM Hurdles   42.42          Ally Dean            2006

800m Run             2.17.32         Heidi Weir          1993

1600m Run          5:09.21         Heidi Weir           1995

3200m Run         11:16.99        Heidi Weir           1995

4x100m RELAY 50.27           Seinna Thornock    2010
                                                Allie Shaw
                                                Kilee Jorgensen
                                                Amanda Alston

Medley RELAY   4:20.87      Nicki Moore             1988
                                                Chris Mclendon
                                                Cari Thomock
                                                Monica Palmer

4x400m RELAY  4:06.39     Lindsay Ryan            1999
                                              Jen Young
                                              Lyndzi Hinds
                                              Michelle VanBeekum

High Jump            5’ 8”         Kathy Hart                 1975

Long Jump           17' 5.5”     Crystal Tolman          1981

Shot Put               42’ 10”     Chantell Goldsberry    1997

Discus                  127’ 4.25”  Tiffany Hellstrom       2009

Javelin                 151’ 9”        Tiffany Hellstrom       2009

2014 State Qualifying and Letter Standards

2014 Girls' Standards
Event State Qual Varsity Letter
100 Meter 12.92 13.89
200 Meter 26.36 28.34
400 Meter 59.80 64.30
800 Meter 02:21.67 02:32.3
1600Meter 05:15.42 05:39.16
3200 Meter 11:28.97 12:20.83
100 Hurdles 16.48 17.72
300 Hurdles 47.72 51.31
4 X 100 50.89 54.72
Medley Relay 04:25.19 04:45.15
4 X 400 04:08.14 04:26.8
Discus 98'11" 92'07"
Javelin 102'11" 95'79"
Shot Put 32"11' 30'07"
High Jump 5'1" 4'8"
Long Jump 16'4" 15'2"
2014 Boys' Standards
Event State Qual Varsity Letter
100 Meter 11.30 12.15
200 Meter 22.90 24.62
400 Meter 50.87 54.70
800 Meter 01:59.41 02:09.0
1600Meter 04:25.04 04:45.0
3200 Meter 09:43.71 10:26.57
110 Hurdles 15.87 17.06
300 Hurdles 41.20 44.30
4 X 100 44.63 47.99
Medley Relay 03:44.04 04:00.86
4 X 400 03:30.98 03:46.86
Discus 131'2" 122'0"
Javelin 149'9" 139.4"
Shot Put 45'11" 42'7"
High Jump 5'11" 5'7"
Long Jump 20'5" 19'1"

**If and athlete scores in the top 8 at the region championships, then that athlete automatically earns a letter. 

formula to calculate the state standard: (3X + Y) divided by 4 = new standard
X=current standard, Y=previous year 8th place performance

formula to calculate the varsity letter standard is X/.93 for track events and X(.93) for field events