Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BXC Mission Statement

Bonneville High Distance Program Mission Statement
To provide an emotionally positive, safe and unconditionally caring environment that will provide athletes with the all the knowledge, training principles and mental tools necessary to achieve optimal human performance not only on the field of competition but in their personal lives as well.

What Coaches give to the athletes.         What Athletes give to the Coach /Team
Respect                                                 Respect
Communication                                     Communication
Unconditional Support                           Trust/Faith
Science of the Sport                               Hard work
Art of the Sport                                      Listen to YOUR body
Mental tools                                           Sky is the limit attitude                 
Fun experiences                                     Have fun

 “Racing does not strengthen character, it only reveals it.” Dr. Cory Holly

“As George Leonard, an Aikido Sensei, writes in the book Mastery, the deepest satisfaction we can get from chasing a goal is to wire ourselves into the daily rituals of practicing our chosen activity and focusing on the quality of the process.  When the discipline itself becomes the reason we do something, then how we do in key events, like races or competitions, no longer dictate the enjoyment of what we do……Regardless of the result, whether we come in last or get our picture on Wheaties box, Leonard says the true master acknowledges the performance with humble dignity, then goes back to the daily practice of the sport. “chop wood and carry water,” he writes, which is the martial arts way of putting it.  If you win, chop wood and carry water.  If you lose, chop wood and carry water.”  T.J. Murphy  editor of Triathlete Magazine

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