Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 BXC Summer Practice Schedule

Schedule for Bonneville Summer Club
Starts June 3rd
Monday:            Conquer the Canyons            7:30am-9:30am            WSU
Tuesday:            Get Strong/Flat Run              7:30am-9:30am            Uintah Elem field
Thursday:           Longer Trail Run/LT            7:30am-9:30am           WSU
Friday:               Get Strong/Flat Run              7:30am-9:30am            Uintah Elem field
Saturday:           Long Run                             7:30am -9:30am            Location Varies

Summer participation requirements

1. you MUST have an annual membership ($20) to USA Track and Field and be listed as an official member of the club. When you register online, make sure to find and connect to our club, Bonneville Track Club. This needs to be done immediately. The club status offers us the insurance and flexibility to run the program the best way possible.
2. There is also a $45 ($30 for addtl. children) summer fee to pay for our strength coach, equipment and other expenses. Checks payable to BONNEVILLE TRACK CLUB.

1.    Shoes!!!  Go to a local running store like Peak Performance or Striders. Expect to pay about $90-$100. The shoes will last 300-500 miles.
2.    Running Watch!!  Simple is fine. Basic timex ironman watch is $40 walmart
3.    Water and Recovery Drink. Always bring a recovery drink to practice!!!

Summer Expectation
Come EVERY day you are here. Make sure you have a ride! Run when gone. Official BHS Cross Country practice starts August 3rd. BE HERE!